Your neighbourhood Korean market with natural wine

Bonnie and Clyde. Sonny and Cher. Fish and chips. Sometimes things just go well together – they’re more perfect paired-up than apart. It’s the same for Korean food and natural wine.


Based in East London, BOMBOM's mission is super simple: to guide you through the amazing world of Korean food and natural wine with our curated selection of Korean pantry staples and wine from across the globe.


Get ready for the most unexpected flavours and bold vibes this side of Seoul – straight to your home.

Pack your pantry

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About Seji 

Seji is the founder and chef behind Bombom Market.

Bring the party to you.

Want a Korean food experience to remember? 

BOMBOM can cater your private party with an intimate, modern Korean dining experience for you and your family/housemates – whether it's a birthday bash or a treat yourselves  dinner.  

Born in Seoul, Seji grew up eating her grandmother’s traditional Korean recipes which inspired her to launch her own food brand, BOMBOM.  She cooks healthy and sustainable Korean cuisine, curates natural wine from around the world and sources the best Korean products for her online pantry. 
Her motto is ‘Natural Food, Natural Wine and a Natural Mood.’ Calling her business ‘Bombom’ made sense as it embraced her values and mission: ‘Bom’ means spring in Korean, which symbolises the beginning of a new cycle of life. BOMBOM also signifies respect for the farmers and winemakers who grow crops in a natural way. 
She’s hosted pop-ups at Hara, Untitled Bar, 3Kobros Korean Restaurant, Brockley brewery and  Seven seasons beer. 

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Your neighbourhood Korean market with natural wine, East London

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