Maker: Cantine Rallo

Region: Alcamo, Sicily, Italy

Grape: Cataratto

Colour: Orange (skin contact for 3 days, fermented in stainless steel vats)

Size: 75ml

Year: 2019

Taste note:  Baglio Antico Bianco, great value entry point for the Orange wine style without breaking the budget.  The vineyards are located high up in the Sicilian hills and the climate is clearly suited for producing the best quality grapes and  all wines are certified organic.

Rich, pithy fruit character, herbs and ginger with a well rounded rich texture and long finish.  It is delicious on it's own or goes perfectly with shellfish or Kimchi Stew. 


Korean Food paring:   오징어순대,  닭도리탕,  카레떡볶이 (신전떡볶이)

Baglio Antico Bianco IGP



    Korean pantry with Natural wine

    East London

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