Wine Maker: Cantina Giardino

Region: Irpinia, Campania,  Italy 

Grape: Greco

Colour: Southern Italy White

Size: 75ml

Year: 2016

Taste note: A brand new wine from a young vineyard they’ve planted underneath the site that produces the fruit for Adam at around 450 metres above sea level, topped up with a little Greco from their 80 year old vines there. The blend is roughly ⅓ Greco and ⅔ Coda di Volpe that spent six days on skins and 18 months in old chestnut casks. It wows with a delicate nose of citrus and herbs and a pleasant bitterness on the palate. A wonderful addition to the family. 

    Cantina Giardino, Chianzano 2016



      Your neighbourhood Korean market with natural wine, East London

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