Wine Maker: Domaine Durrmann (Andre, Anna & Yann Durrmann)

Region: Alsace,France

Grape: Gewurztaminer

Colour: White

Size: 750ml

Year: 2019 

Taste note :100% Gewurztraminer. Aged in stainless steel without filtration. No added sulphur. After taking over his parents' vineyard, Yann wanted to experiment with the Gewurztraminer production. His family would traditionally produce a rather sweet wine and he wanted to change things up a bit. He decided to harvest earlier than usual and use a long press, which gave the wine a very aromatic flavour. Aged in stainless steel without filtration.

Domaine Durrmann, Zegwur 2019



    Korean pantry with Natural wine

    East London

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