Wine Maker: François Dhumes

Region: Auvergne, France

Grape: Gamay 

Colour: Pink, Sparkling

Size: 750ml

Year:  2017

Note: Slightly off-dry pink sparkler from François. Very vinous.





After studying oenology in Burgundy, François worked with various growers in the Rhône valley. Bored with more industrial winemaking he moved back to his native Auvergne and fell in with the band of natural winemakers that were establishing themselves there.

He bought some vines and with the help of Patrick Bouju and the Tricots began to make wine in a more natural way (he still does some work for both of these growers to fund his own winemaking). François has a smattering of vines (3 ha) on the hill of Corent overlooking the river Allier planted with Gamay d’Auvergne and Chardonnay on limestone and basalt.

François Dhumes, Tête de Bulle Rosé 2017



    Korean pantry with Natural wine

    East London

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