A red wine made from Jura by Valentin Morel. This Poulsard comes from 35 year old vines, planted on Trouillot Marl terroir. Just a few years after earning a masters degree in international law, Valentin Morel decided he would prefer making wines inspired by his readings of biodynamic visionary Rudolph Steiner. Valentin studied winemaking in lsace, where he was introduced and influenced by natural winemakers like Pierre Frick and Bruno Schueller. The grapes are hand-harvested and put into steel tank for a 15-day maceration. lcoholic and malolactic fermentations in steel tank. Bottled unfiltered and 1g/hl of SO2 added at bottling. Yield 45 hl/ha.


Wine Maker: Valentin Morel

Region: Jura, France

Grape: Poulsard

Colour: Red

Size: 75ml

Year: 2018




    Korean pantry with Natural wine

    East London

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