Wine Maker: Domaine de la Loue

Region:  Jura, France

Grape: Savagnin

Colour: White 

Size: 750ml

Year:  2017 


Savagnin 2017, Domaine de la Loue (Jura)


Catherine Hannoun is based in Port Lesney, a small commune about 15 minutes north of Arbois which exudes the tranquility many associate with the hills of Jura. Having worked for many years in film, including on Mondovino (a film bringing some of the shadier practises of the global wine economy to light), Catherine settled in Jura in 2008. It was clear after working with Emmanuel Houillon for a year that this was the area for her, and in 2009 bought a small parcel of vines and her current cellar. She now has 3.2ha of vineyards of Chardonnay, Savagnin, Trousseau and Pinot Noir around Marnoz and Arbois and whilst she aims to make refreshing wines that in some ways follow the traditions of the area, she is not bound to the rules and regulations of the AOC. We are particular fans of her oxidative Savagnin which comes in at a refreshing 12% alcohol. 

Savagnin 2017, Domaine de la Loue (Jura)



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