Se So Neon / BOMBOM Exclusive 7"  Vinyl

“Se So Neon” (새소년)  means “New Youngsters” in Korean. It was the name of a children’s magazine published from the 1960s to 1980s. The band took its name from the magazine after finding a copy in an independent bookstore.


The band comprises of; Hwang So-Yoon (guitar/vocals), Park Hyun-Jin (bass), and You Soo (drums) After reforming 2019, they have already hit the Korean indie scene as the most anticipated rock act. 


Mainly based on psychedelic rock, they effortlessly revamp elements of rock history and deliver a unique modern sound. The band takes influence from the likes of Korean classical psychedelic rock legends Shin Jung-hyeon and Sanulrim.



Se So Neon