Wine Maker: Sébastien Riffault

Region: Sancerre- Loire, France  

Grape:  Sauvignon Blanc

Colour: White

Size: 750ml

Year: 2016

Taste note : The Riffault family have been making wine in Sancerre for generations. After working with his father Etienne, Sébastien began working under his own label in 2002 and converted all vineyards to organic. Today he is running the entire estate with a total of 12 hectares.Naturally, his wines within the Sancerre appellation are quite unique, as the majority of the region picks early, to enhance the well marketed "grassy-exotic" aromas. Sébastien aims to make wines in the pure old-school Sancerre style - using Sauvignon Blanc grapes partly affected by botrytis.



Sebastien Riffault, Sancerre ‘Akméniné’ 2016



    Korean pantry with Natural wine

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